Passo Fedaia – Dolomites

Here’s another Stunner by the Col Collective and Mike Cotty.  I’m just chomping at the bit to hit Europe and ride these climbs, I just can’t contain myself!

I’ve been researching these last few days, and I’ve found out I can only stay in Europe (the Schenden Region) for 90 days out of 180… How am I going to see all that I want to see in 90 days!  Simply not possible.  Some seriously creative planning will have to take place so I can travel for a longer period of time.

More about that later, but for now… on to another stunner of a video by the Col Collective and while you’re watching this, I’m off to train.  Cheers!


Mike Cotty Rides 1000km & 21 Mountains Non-Stop

I’ve never had sporting hero’s, not even as a kid, but I do have inspirations.  But with that being said… Mike Cotty comes oooh soo close!!!  And he’s plant powered to boot!

I think you will enjoy this! The scenery is spectacular and the physical challenge is HUGE!


Not Just A Bike

“The bike is much more. Taught me to live life to the fullest.” Lars Veenstra in Thank You, Bicycle.

Not sure I can say it better than Lars Veenstra when it comes to what a bike means to me.

My bike has introduced me to the people in my life that mean the most, and have left the greatest impact on me outside of my family.

There is no greater therapy to bring me out of a funk, and most times, it only takes a short ride around the block…being a kid.

The happiest times of my life are, and continue to be in some way shape or form,  involve me and a bike.

To Write A Better Story

My best friend

The door opens and I stand on the porch.  It’s about time I leave the yard.

“To live more, love more, laugh more, to write a better story”

This is the sentence I finish with on my Who Am I page.  A sentence.  A series of words on a blog page giving a brief description of me.  I struggle with the execution of this sentence, this mantra of mine.  This mantra has no end or destination or tangible finish line to say you are here you’ve succeeded and here’s your prize.  Instead, I view it as a way of life, a pursuit of an exciting, beautiful, meaningful life worthy of a story.  A story people will want to read after you’re gone.  Sounds narcissistic.  I don’t mean it to be. But who want to read a boring story?   Continue reading