Westward Motel Salome, AZ


I just finished my bike ride from Washington to Arizona by way of the Pacific Coast Trail to San Diego then east to Phoenix.  I’m working on getting up some pics and details about this amazing ride but first I wanted to give a little shout out to a very cool motel in Salome AZ.  I found myself in Salome just as the sun was setting.  I was hoping to get further and find a stealth place to camp but it appeared I would have had to ride a few miles further in the dark and I was spent.


I found this motel off the main route through town.  It appeared empty but it was so well decorated and kept up that I had to explore closer before settling at motel on the main drag that was far from inviting. I few miles earlier I scoped out the KOA.  They wanted $37 dollars for a sandbox!  Yeah…no thanks.


I found the owner in the courtyard with other guests BBQ’ing chicken on the grill while the guest sat around the table with glasses of wine.  There was a rip roaring fire in the pit and a Pete sunk in the sand.  I liked this place.  Randy the owner told me the price, more than I wanted to spend but very reasonable for what you get.  He offered a place for me to pitch my tent but I took the room anyway.  Posturepedic bed, gas fireplace, couch, books, massive amount of channels on the flat screen, all in a newly remodeled room.  The bathroom had a walk in tile shower.  There is a communal kitchen with free coffee and condiments.


This place had more of hostel feel except you get to enjoy a fantastic private room.  I can’t say enough about this place.  Sure… it’s just a motel you might say…but to me it felt much more and I will go out of my way to stay there again.  Next time I plan on hanging out in the courtyard and soaking up the ambiance.  I was a little ripe this time and all I wanted to do was soak in the shower, eat and rest my head on the memory foam pillow.  Check it out. It appears his FB page is not current but here is a Trip Advisor site to see more pics and reviews.